I have been an intermittent hobby woodworker for many years – the arm chair listed top left below, in the series of images, is part of a set of four, with sofa and coffee table to match, that I made in the mid 1970s. After retiring I decided to make the hobby more fulfilling, and so have delved into nesting tables, trays and other similar small projects, mostly for family. Many of these projects are based upon the use of walnut, and lately I have been laminating other woods such as maple, fir, oak and purple heart into the pieces, just for fun. This article, published by Canadian Woodworker, describes two chess tables that I made for my children & grandchildren.

I will consider doing custom projects of this nature, but be warned! If you are in a hurry, do not expect anything. The polishing and finish work takes up to six weeks. Prices vary according to the size and complexity of the work, but a laminated tray about 50 cm long will cost about $80. The walnut & maple nesting tables illustrated would be in the region of $650 to $700

Here are some examples of that work.

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Chess Table
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