Of Moose and Men

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The Trouble With Lions

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Wrestling With Rhinos: The Adventures of a Glasgow Vet In Kenya

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Toronto Globe & Mail
“Altogether, Wrestling with Rhinos is an important and finely crafted document about a knowledgeable expatriate’s perceptions of and experiences in Kenya… It is also a tender account of how Haigh met and married Dr. Jopie van de Riet, a medical doctor raised in India by Dutch parents.  Afterwards, their lives were so entwined that she sometimes helped him with his animal patients, and he was pressed into service when Jo needed a Caesarean section to deliver their second child.”

Saskatoon Start Phoenix
It all sounds rather matter of fact when Jerry Haigh talks about his new book Wrestling With Rhinos: The Adventures of a Glasgow Vet in Kenya.  But this is someone who really has stories to tell, and it’s icing on the cake that he also has a definite flare for spinning a yarn.

The Veterinary Record
This is a very easy-to-read book which can be picked up and dipped into during coffee breaks – but beware, the coffee breaks may become longer than intended.

The Scottish Field
Wrestling With Rhinos reads like a James Herriott on safari, filled with amusing anecdotes, as well as more serious life-threatening situations

Swara (Magazine of the East Africa Wildlife Society)
He (Jerry Haigh) was one of the small band of veterinary pioneers and wardens who developed the technology for capturing large wild animals through the use of tranquilizing darts….The opening quotation “I speak of Africa and Golden days” sums it up nicely….It is the sort of book that many will want to have in their Africana collections.

The New Zealand Veterinary Journal
This is not a book weighed down with introspection and analysis, but a free-flowing colourful series of yarns from a veterinary enthusiast. A great read.