Book – Of Moose And Men

Storytelling comes alive in this book by Jerry Haigh, the Glasgow veterinarian who documents his travels from Scotland via Africa to Saskatchewan.

Linking education and the future of moose presents a formidable challenge to wildlife managers and biologists. This retired Glasgow vet does a service toward this end by touching on many fascinating aspects of this boreal forest icon by giving the reader a glance into many aspects of moose biology and management — a vital task, since an informed public is essential for its future.

Of Moose and Men is the story a young vet from the balmy climate south of the equator ending up in moose country with temperatures of –40°C, a relocation that inevitably made his tweed pants a tad stiff! Haigh’s compulsion for writing and storytelling gives the reader an insight into his fascinating life as a Canadian veterinarian with an interest in wildlife.

The book deals with the serious side of a vet’s life but also the humorous (such as Mrs. Bullwinkle putting the run on the Glasgow vet), calling on a cast of characters that many of us in the wildlife field have experienced, and who in their own way give character to the book. He has made a concerted effort to contact informed individuals in various parts of the world to bring some semblance of order to his knowledge of moose and credibility to the stories.

From a wildlife management perspective, Of Moose and Men gives the reader a superficial glimpse into the moose world, touching on many of the complex issues pertaining to moose biology and management, and offering an accessible entry point into some of the tasks of wildlife biologists and veterinarians. The book might also be called “moose biology made simple,” because the author’s writing style will capture the imagination and interest of readers, whether this is their first encounter with this formidable animal or whether, like Haigh, they’ve spent decades in its pursuit.

Dr. Vince Crichton